Bryce Canyon
Brian Head Area Sunset

Zion National Park

Cedar Breaks National Monument


Brian Head is a great central location from which to base your exploration of southern Utah.

National Scenic Byway 143
Brian Head is located on one of the most scenic byways the United States has to offer. Scenic Byway 143 extends from Interstate 15 on the west to the town of Panguitch, and it takes just two hours to drive the whole byway. Along the way you will see Cedar Breaks National Monument, Panguitch Lake, and the Markagunt Plateau.

National Parks & Monuments
There are so many spectacular places to visit with in just a short distance of Brian Head. All of these locations are great places to experience for a few hours or a day trip.

Zion National Park
Located just 2 hours south west of Brian Head, Zion National Park is ranked in the top 10 of national parks in the United States.. It is the most visited park in all of Utah. Zion National park is an expanse of canyons, buttes, and natural arches. The unique red rock has been Mother Nature’s canvas for millions of years and is still changing due to erosion and wind. The differences in elevation have created a diverse range of plant and wildlife. The area is rich with ancient Native American culture and evidence of prehistoric animals. All of this and more can be discovered right there in the park. View a driving itinerary here.

Bryce Canyon National Park
One of the most unique national parks in the United States because of how it was shaped and formed by the erosion from wind and water over millions of years. This landscape is covered with vibrant, orange hoodoos from large to small towering over one another to create an incredible view that can’t be seen anywhere else. Early Paiute Indians had an ancient legend, which told that these giant, orange pinnacles were evil Legend People frozen in time. Today they stand just as frozen deep in nature’s amphitheaters. The park’s splendor and beauty easily compares to that of the Grand Canyon and its distinct landscape attracts thousands upon thousands of people annually. View a driving itinerary here.

Cedar Breaks National Monument
On top of the Colorado Plateau, Cedar Breaks National Monument lies at an elevation of over 10,000 feet. Cedar Breaks is a natural amphitheater formed over millions of years of change. The breathtaking view on the rim of the amphitheater is 3 miles long and over 2000 feet deep. The park itself is small, but the view is not. Ancient Indians called it the “Circle of Painted Cliffs” because of its amazing natural color. It is an amazing biological arena, full of color, life and unique rock formations that will amaze even the most seasoned of world travelers. View a driving itinerary here.

Other Locations and Activities

Bird Watching/Wildlife

While visiting Brian Head you will plenty of wildlife. Throughout you stay in Brian Head you may see deer, porcupines, hawks, eagles, California Condors, turkey Vultures. As you venture further from the town you could possibly see elk, bears, mountain lions, and bobcats.

Utah Shakespearean Festival
Cedar City’s famous Utah Shakespearean Festival is located just 45 minutes from Brian Head. Scenic highways connect Brian Head and Cedar City, so it is definitely worth the drive so you can participate in these Tony Award winning theatrical experiences.

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs
Native Americans have inhabited this region for thousands of years, and their ancient writings remain today at Parowan Gap petroglyph site just west of the town of Parowan.